Creating Custom Layouts

Utilize multiple photos and/or videos in one workspace to highlight more content than ever before! Layouts are great for pairing different video angles or still images for seamless story.

What’s in this article:

What is a Layout?

Layouts are the ability to stack or combine up to four images and/or videos into one piece of content in Slate.

How to Create Layouts

  1. Tap the “Media” icon located in the bottom left of your mobile screen

  1. Select “Layouts” by tapping the square icon located in the bottom right of the media drawer
  1. Choose your photo(s) and/or video(s) by tapping on each in the media drawer. Layout options will appear at the top of the screen for you to choose from, based on the number of media you select!
  2. Select your layout format and begin working
  3. To make any edits to media, or replace items, tap “edit” in your bottom toolbar and select the media you’d like to make changes to. These edits can include repositioning or rotating media, replacing a photo or video, turn audio on or off on a video, and trimming videos
    • Resize by pinching to zoom in or out.
    • Utilize the green borders dividing media to resize layout sections to perfectly fit your media. 
  4. Once you are satisfied with any edits, simply tap anywhere on the screen to close the edit state.


NOTE: Videos will automatically import into layouts on mute. If you want a video unmuted:

  1.  Tap 'Edit' located in the bottom toolbar
  2.  Select the video you would like to unmute
  3. In the bottom toolbar, edit options will appear. Tap 'Sound' to turn audio on for your clip

Filters for Layouts

Screen Shot 2024-04-16 at 1.09.11 PM

Filters can be applied to layouts, and built custom for these spaces. Here's how to use filters with layouts:

1. Build your layout following the steps above

2. Swipe on your mobile device or tap your 'Filters' drawer and find your desired filter correlating with your layout design

3. Slide the green bar between your media in the layout where it makes sense for the filter

4. If needed, resize your media into the space by double tapping, pinching, and zooming in or out

NOTE: As you are designing filters, make sure they support one of our layout options for media.

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Q: Can I overlap media in layouts on top of each other?

A: No, layouts export flush with each other. If you want to overlap and layer media, try utilizing our media as a sticker feature. 

Q: Can I add more than four pieces of media?

A: No, layouts currently only support four pieces of media. If you’d like to use more, try our media as a sticker feature.

Q: Can I add a GIF into a layout?

A: No, layouts currently only support video and image file types.

Q: Can I change the media or layout version I’ve selected?

A: Yes! Go back to 'Media' to change your layout style. You can also add/remove media from your layouts in this drawer by tapping or untapping on media to select/deselect it.