Search Functionality & Tags

Learn how to use the search function in the Slate app to add search terms to assets for easy retrieval. Enhance asset organization and accessibility with this feature.

What is the Search Function?

The search function allows teams to add search terms/tags to any assets in their dashboard. When creating content in the mobile app, users can search among the inputted terms to quickly find tagged assets.

Adding Search Terms

  1. Login to your Slate web dashboard
  2. Select the asset you would like to add search terms for
  3. Type terms into the “Search Terms” box and press ENTER
  4. Save your changes
  5. Publish at the end of your web session

Using Search Terms in the Mobile App

  1. Open your Slate mobile app
  2. Press the magnifying glass button in the top right corner
  3. Search from the terms you have added in the web dashboard
  4. Select the desired assets