Understanding Brand Colors in Slate

Discover the ease and efficiency of managing Brand Colors on Slate's Platform. Upload unlimited colors using HEX codes for precise matching and enjoy consistent options for backgrounds and fonts.

At Slate, we understand that your brand colors are more than just hues—they're the essence of your brand's identity. That's why we've made it incredibly easy for you to upload and manage them on our platform.

  • Unlimited Colors: Feel free to upload as many brand colors as you like. The sky—or should we say, the color palette—is the limit!

  • HEX Codes: We keep it simple and streamlined. Upload your colors using HEX codes for precise matching.

  • Prioritize Colors: When setting up your Slate account, it's a good idea to upload your brand colors first. Here's why:

    • Background Drawer: Each color you add becomes an instant option in your background drawer.
    • Font Colors: Any fonts added after your brand colors will automatically have those colors as options.

By taking a few moments to upload your brand colors initially, you're not just adding shades—you're adding efficiency and consistency to your content creation process.