Connect and Use Slate's Slack Integration

Streamline your workflow with Slate's Slack integration. Save the step of downloading media and pull it directly into Slate to make publishing more efficient.

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You can add an integration to your Slate account through the web dashboard. Login to your account, and select Integrations' from the left toolbar. In here, you can configure Slack, PhotoShelter, and Getty Images integrations by clicking 'Connect'. 

NOTE: You will need to be an Admin on both Slate and Slack to connect integrations.

How to Connect Slack

  1. Login to the web dashboard. Select the 'Integrations' tab located in the lefthand toolbar
  2. Underneath Slack, click 'Connect'
  3. Login to Slack with your company's workspace domain and your user login
  4. Choose the Slate account you would like to connect to from the drop down menu
  5. Select the channels in your Slack workspace that you want access to in Slate by checking the boxes next to each channel name in the drop down menu
  6. Once connected, you can edit your accessible channels by selecting the 'Configure' button under the integration

NOTE:  You will only have access to media files shared in these Slack channels when creating in Slate. No text based messaging will stream through this integration.

     How to Use the Slack Integration (1)

    1. Open your Slate mobile app
    2. Select the 'Media' button located in the bottom toolbar
    3. Select the “Slack” tab in the top menu bar. If you have other integrations connected you may need to scroll past those to get to Slack. You will have access to any channels you connected via the web dashboard
    4. Scroll to the desired channel at the top of the screen, or type in the search bar to search for your media with any associated metadata tags
    5. Choose your desired media. You can select one at a time, or hit the 'Layouts' icon to add multiple pieces of content. To merge multiple videos together, select the 'Movie' icon that appears at the bottom right of the screen
    TIP: You can preview a piece of media before adding it to your workplace by long pressing on the media.

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    Q: Can I access media integrations in the Web Creation Studio?

     A: Not yet. But we are working on bringing the same experience to web creation.

    Q: Can I set up media integrations if I am not an Admin user?

    A: No, you must be an Admin on Slate, and in the associated integration application to connect both platforms properly. 

    Q: Why can't I see the channel I want to use media from? 

    A: Check that you have given permission to this channel in the your web dashboard! You will only have access to channels selected when connecting Slack.