How to upload brand fonts + custom fonts

Learn how to upload on Slate's web dashboard. Explore font customization options like outlines, drop shadows, underlines, highlight edge points, gradient fills, leading changes, and tracking adjustments.

File Types

Fonts should be .ttf or .otf files.

Uploading fonts

  1.  Login to your Slate web dashboard
  2. In the Fonts drawer, select the “+” button
  3. Select the font file you would like to upload
  4. Add the font name, desired colors, and any search terms to your font and save
  5. Publish any changes to your dashboard

Note: you can also drag and drop your font files into the font drawer.

Custom Fonts

To add a custom font to your Slate account, email with the following:

  • .ttf or .otf font file
  • details about your desired customization
  • HEX codes (if applicable)

Below you can find examples of the custom font work options that our team can provide. We will work with your team to customize these options further based on your need.

If you have other desired customizations or questions, feel free to reach out to and we will try our best to accommodate your needs.


Drop Shadows:


Highlight Edge Points:

Gradient Fill:

Changes in Leading: Leading is the vertical distance from the bottom of the words above to the top of the words in between two lines of text. We can make a font’s leading tighter or looser based on your need.

Changes in Tracking: Tracking, which involves horizontal spacing, refers to the adjustment of spacing throughout entire words. We are able to adjust the tracking of your fonts to make the total space individual words use either smaller or larger.