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Approval Workflows and Adding Content Reviewers

Have a lot of hands in the pot? Add and manage content reviewers, send content for approval, and review and edit content in the Slate web dashboard.

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Why Use Approvals

Keeping content consistent can be a challenge for any team. Adding in someone to review content can help keep a consistent brand footprint across all platforms. Discover how to effectively manage content reviewers, streamline the review process, and make edits to your content in Slate  with these step-by-step instructions.

Adding Content Reviewers - New Slate Use

  1. Open your Slate web dashboard
  2. Select the 'Team' tab on the left hand navigation bar
  3. Click 'Invite team' at the top right of the screen
  4. Add in the new user's email address and select the “Content Reviewer” permission level
  5. Click 'Send Invite'. Your new content reviewers will receive an email to create their Slate account

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NOTE: Only Admin users in Slate can add or change user permissions.

Adding Content Reviewers - Current Slate User

  1. Open your Slate web dashboard
  2. Select the 'Team' tab on the left hand navigation bar
  3. Select 'Edit' for the team member you want to add content review permissions for
  4. Under their user permission settings, select 'Can review content' and the select 'Save'

NOTE: Only Admin users in Slate can add or change user permissions.

Sending  Content for Review

  1. Create your to-be-reviewed content in Slate
  2. Select “Share” and then select “Request Approval”
  3. Choose the content reviewer(s) you want to receive the approval request
  4. Optional: Add a message to be delivered with your request
  5. Click 'Submit Request'
  6. Your content will be sent to your projects folder and will contain the status of the request

Reviewing Content Requests

  1. Once a content reviewer is sent a request, they will receive an email with the approval request information and any note from the creator
  2. View the content and either 'Approve' or 'Reject' the approval request
  3. Optional: Add a message to be delivered back to the content creator with the approval or rejection

Editing Reviewed Content

  1. Once a request is approved or rejected, the content creator will receive an email notification that their content has been reviewed
  2. Creators can access their content sent for approval through the projects folder on mobile
  3. Select the project you wish to edit, and make any final tweaks and export your content by clicking the 'Share' button

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Q: What permission level do I need to be to review content?

A: Brand Managers and Admins can have "Content Reviewer' added to their permission levels. Creators can not, and will need to be upgraded to one of these tiers if you wish to have them review content.

Q: Can I as the content reviewer edit the content and send it back to the creator?

A: No, only the content creator can edit the content. You can put any wishes and edits to make in the message portion of the approval or rejection.

Q: Can I send it to more than one content reviewer at a time?

A: Yes! you can select multiple people when choosing the recipient of your content for review.

Q: Can I get a push notification in app or a text message when content is to be reviewed?
A: Currently, the workflow streams through email for approvals.

Q: Can I request approval on web or android content?
A: No, currently this feature is only available on IOS.