Editing Video Content on Web

Learn how to create engaging video content with Slate’s Web Timeline Editor. Edit videos effortlessly with an intuitive timeline, rearrange layers, and add graphics.


How to enable the Web Timeline Editor:

  1. Add a video to your project via drag and drop or through the media drawer and timeline will be enabled

  2. Add, rearrange & edit your media, text and graphics to your liking

  3. Export your finished content


Snapping Options in Web TimelineSnapping:

In Web Timeline Editor, snapping allows for easy timing adjustments by aligning objects to the start or end of other objects, or by dragging through the snapping point for more precise control.

  1. Snap to an asset to the beginning point of another asset

  2. Snap to an asset to the end point of another asset

  3. Ignore the snapping control all together



How to Move Video and Assets in Web Timeline Editor:

  1. Select the video or asset you would like to move within the Timeline by simply clicking
  2. Drag to its desired position
  3. Make any other changes you would like before exporting

How to Trim or Lengthen Duration of Video and Assets in Web Timeline Editor:

  1. Find the video or asset that you would like to change the duration
  2. Use the handles at the end of the asset’s bar to trim or lengthen its duration

Note: Processing is non-destructive so you can change your mind while you create.



How to use Zoom on Web Timeline Editor:

  1. Add the videos and assets you will be using in your content
  2. In the bottom right hand corner, use the zoom bar to adjust your view of the assets in your Timeline
  3. Make any edits with sub-second accuracy!





Other things to keep in mind while using the Web Timeline Editor:

  • Your creations can be as short or long as you like, and the timeline will adapt as you work.
  • Use the layer panel to re-order layers on in your design. The layer panel includes all asset types except for filters and templates.