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How to Add & Use Graphics

Upload, manage, and use graphics in content creation. Understand the supported file formats, sizes, and how to use graphics on web and mobile

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What are Graphics?

Graphics are movable stickers that can be placed anywhere on top of content and resized to best suit the project at hand. These will act much like “stickers” that can be moved around and scaled up and down when creating.  They can be .png or .gif files that can be moved around and scaled up and down when creating. The files can’t be larger than 10mb, and must be under 1920px wide.

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Sizes & File Types

Graphics can be .png or .gif files.  A .gif file will have looping animation associated with it and should have no unnecessary excess padding.  Graphics must be under 10mb in size and no larger than 1920px wide.

NOTE: Export your graphics without extra transparent padding around the asset. This extra padding will make aligning graphics in the mobile app difficult.

Uploading Graphics

  1. Login to your Slate web dashboard
  2. In the graphics drawer, select the “+” button
  3. Select the graphic file(s) you would like to upload
  4. Add any search terms to your graphic and add to any collections. Press 'Save'
  5. Publish any changes to your dashboard by selecting the 'Publish' button at the bottom left of your dashboard

Using Graphics on Mobile

  1. Open your Slate mobile app
  2. Upload your media you wish to use by tapping the 'Media' drawer in the bottom toolbar
  3. Select the 'Graphics' drawer on the bottom toolbar and select your graphic you would like to use
  4. Move and resize the graphic to your desired location by using two fingers to make the graphic larger or smaller. To move, simply hold with one finger and drag around the workspace
  5. Export your content by selecting the ‘Share’ button on the bottom toolbar


Media as a Sticker

Media as a sticker allows you to create graphics from photos and videos in your camera roll. It’s another way to achieve multimedia content, but with freeform abilities. You can add multiple media stickers, control asset duration, make quality adjustments, and even remove the background of a sticker.  Learn more about media as a sticker here. 


Using Graphics on Web 

  1. Open your Slate dashboard and click 'Create Content' in the top right corner
  2. Select 'New Project'
  3. Choose the ratio you would like to work in at the top of the screen
  4. Select 'Media' and add in the photo or video you wish to use
  5. Open the graphics drawer and select the graphic you would like to add by clicking on it
  6. Resize or move the graphic on your workspace by selecting it, and dragging the corners of the surrounding green bar to make larger or smaller
  7. If wanting to control the duration of your graphic on video content, simply use the handles at the end of the asset’s bar in the timeline view to trim or lengthen its duration. Learn more about the web timeline editor here. 
  8. Once ready to export, select 'Export' at the top right of the screen. Name your file and select what file type you’d like your content to be and click ‘Download’

TIP: While creating on web, tap your graphic and select 'Replace' from the the pop-up menu to quickly replace a graphic in your workspace with anything else in your graphics drawer.


Using Asset Duration on Mobile

Control how long and when your graphic appears on video content. Here's how:

  1. Tap on the added graphic
  2. Select 'Set Duration' from the pop-up menu
  3. Slide the handles on the bars that appear in the timeline view at the bottom of the screen to control when your asset will be seen
  4. Click 'Apply'
  5. Tap on 'Timeline' from the bottom toolbar, and click 'Graphics' to make any final edits to your duration
  6. Click 'Share' when you're finished editing

NOTE: Duration can only be adjusted when you are adding media stickers onto video content.

Using Asset Duration on Web

Asset duration can be applied on web to a variety of asset types by using the handles at the end of the asset’s bar in the timeline view to trim or lengthen its duration. Learn more about how to use the full timeline editor on web here. 

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Q: Can I add multiple graphics to my workspace?

A: Yes! You can add multiple graphics to your workspace.

Q: Can I control layering in the mobile app?

A: No, you don't have the ability to send things forward or back, and assets lay as they were designed. Therefore, graphics will always be on top of media. 

Q: Can I change out the colors used in a graphic?

A: No, graphics are locked for consistency and to maintain brand look.

Q: Can my graphics have motion?

A: Yes! These are exported and uploaded as GIF files.

Q: Can I save a media as a sticker to my graphics drawer?

A: No, anything permanently added to your graphics drawer must be uploaded through the web dashboard.

Q: Can I control a graphic's duration on image content?

A: No, asset duration can only be applied when video content is involved.