Graphics & GIFs

Learn how to upload, manage, and use graphics and GIFs in Slate web dashboard and mobile app. Understand the supported file formats, sizes, and the ability to resize and reposition them within content.

What are graphics and GIFs?

Graphics are movable stickers that can be placed anywhere on top of content and resized to best suit the content being created. GIFs are graphics that have an element of motion to them.

Sizes & File Types

Graphics should be .png, and GIFs should be .gif files with no unnecessary excess padding. They must be under 10mb in size and no larger than 1920px wide.

Uploading Graphics & GIFs

  1. Login to your Slate web dashboard
  2. In the Graphics drawer, select the “+” button
  3. Select the graphic or GIF file you would like to upload
  4. Add any search terms to your graphic/GIF and save
  5. Publish any changes to your dashboard

Note: you can also drag and drop graphic & GIF files into the Graphics drawer

Adding graphics & GIFs to your content on mobile

  1. Open your Slate mobile app
  2. Select the graphics drawer
  3. Add as many graphics or GIFs onto your content as you desire

Resizing and Repositioning graphics & GIFs on content

While creating content, you can resize the graphics and GIFs you choose by using two fingers to make the selected graphic/GIF larger or smaller and to move the position of the graphic/gif within your frame.